My name is Pascal and I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland. Since my childhood I have been passionate about photography. For me photography is the process of preserving an idea, moment or impression and making it accessible for the years to come to yourself and your families and friends. Much of the fascination in photography comes from interaction: I love meeting people and traveling. Taking a picture can take seconds or hours: it can be a portrait created with much attention to detail in my photo studio or that snapshot of a vintage car in Havana, Cuba. All aspects of it stay fascinating from the interaction to the execution.
Many photographers specialise into a specific field: landscape, sports, portraiture, fashion or architecture to name a few. Not being a professional photographer gives me the luxury of staying a "generalist" interested in many of the above.


For my fashion and portrait projects I am looking for both female and male models. TFP (Time for Print) is my preferred way of working: neither the photographer nor the model charge for his or her time. Instead I will compensate the model with high resolution jpeg's of my photographs which enables you adding the photographs to your portfolio.
Time will be shared between my projects (photographer's portfolio) as well as the model's needs (the model's portfolio). My photo studio is fully portable enabling me to do inside and outdoors shoots. 

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